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Underneath the Mistletoe…

On day eighteen of advent we bring you another Christmas tradition – mistletoe! Hanging mistletoe in the home is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Druids, it was meant to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, but later on it became tradition to kiss under the mistletoe as it represented love and friendship. This mistletoe is plastic and dates from the mid-20th Century, there’s also some sprigs of plastic holly mixed in there too!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

The aptly named bottle brush Christmas trees were highly popular in the 1950’s and were often used to decorate mantles or at the base of a larger Christmas tree, accompanied by a train set or tiny little winter wonderland. They were also sometimes used a centrepieces on tables and were decorated in all kinds of elaborate trinkets, ribbons and plastic jewels. On day Fifteen of advent we bring you these beautiful examples of bottle brush Christmas trees!

Good wreath!

On day thirteen of advent we thought we’d share this beautiful Christmas wreath with you. Did you know that the word ‘wreath’ means to ‘to twist’ and historically wreaths were made to represent the eternal life of Christ. We thought that was very interesting. This wreath is artificial and dates to the mid-20th Century.