Collecting the 20th Century


It is a very exciting time here at Beamish as we develop the collections for the new 1950s area of the next few years. We have accepted over 3,500 collections since February 2013 to support this exciting new development. Because the people of the North East have been so incredibly generous we are now taking stock of all of these collections which range from individual objects to a full house-hold of objects, or in the case of this picture a workshop-full!


What we are very interested to hear about at this stage are your stories and photographs of the era which will help the development of the 1950s area so that together we can create an engaging 1950s area at Beamish. We are happy to digitally copy photographs, as we appreciate they hold precious memories for you. If you would like to see the types of memories we are interested in please follow this link: 20th century story form

We are always interested to hear from you if you have items you think will be of use in these developments, if you would like to contact us please email Emma Sayer,

and sometimes, we get a little over excited about what you donate….



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