Merry Christmas everyone!

Well, we made it to day twenty five, Christmas day so Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you’re all enjoying the day! Because it’s an extra special day and because you’ve taken time out to look at blog we’re going to treat you to not one but a few of our favourite Christmas items from the Collection today.

First up, we’re thinking about presents and the sorts of things that were popular for children living in the 1950’s to receive on Christmas day. We know from our collections and from speaking with donors that dolls were a common gift and this doll was no exception. She was given as a gift on Christmas day but fell into the hands of younger sister who took to her with a biro. The donor told us that after this the doll was never quite the same and in fact remained nameless and largely in-played with. We hope there are no biro related incidents for anyone this Christmas!


For the adults this time, a popular drink for many ladies back in the 1950’s was of course a Babycham and we have in our collection an unopened bottle dating to around the mid-20th Century.

And finally, what self respecting Christmas day would be without silly hats.  These cardboard hats came to us as a complete collection a few years ago and we were told by the donor that they were used every single Christmas that he can remember. We love that they’ve been so well loved but also so well looked after, not like the disposable paper hats of today…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our advent offerings and all that remains is to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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