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Earlier in the month we featured some savings stamps books which were a great way of spreading the cost of Christmas.On Day sixteen we bring you this 5’6 Christmas Gift from the Home of Christmas Clubs Dyson & Horsfall. Dyson & Horsfall were a mail-order catalogue firm operating in Preston and a copy of their 1939 Christmas price-list is held by the National Archives. This boxed coffee pot and Kenya coffee would have been given to customers of the Christmas savings club as a token of the company’s appreciation for their valued custom. It’s made from Aluminium, however we know that during WW2 the company donated all it’s aluminium to the war effort to contribute to armaments and aluminium tea and coffee pots were replaced with ceramic products, one example of which was a commemorative teapot bearing the words “war against Hitlarism” -an example of which can be found in the British Museum’s collection. We think therefore that our coffee pot pre-dates WW2, most likely dating to around the 1930’s.

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