Missing clock has reappeared!

This clocking in machine was thought to have been stolen in 1989… Today it has reappeared!

Missing clock reappeared!

Missing clock reappeared!


This machine would notify the employees when they were permitted to take breaks and leave work for the day. The clock’s chime appears to have been modified from mechanical to electronic. We are uncertain as to how an employee would clock in as it is different to other machines in our collection.

One thought on “Missing clock has reappeared!

  1. Jock Mackirdy

    I don’t think it’s a “clocking-in” clock. The bell sounds when the pawl hits one of the pins as the big disc rotates. It doesn’t appear to have a motor, so it must have been a slave clock driven from a master clock which generated one-second (or whatever) electric pulses and which probably also drove all the clocks around the building.


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