Them Bones

Life is never boring in the Collections Team at Beamish! There is always something different to do. Today we had to move 2 jaw bones from a whale skeleton to the newly opened Eston Church in the Georgian landscape.

So we all trooped off this morning to move these huge bones from there storage location to their new display location. But this isn’t easy with such awkward and fragile objects.




Here the team are carrying out the first jawbone




Then we had to load them into the van









Then came the really tricky part where we had to fit them in the side door of the church. And these are really heavy bones!

Then the tricky part of fitting them into the church



















They will now be conversved before they are installed as a traditional gateway outside the church. Have you ever seen any other whale jaw bones being used as gate posts? We know there are several around the country like the ones at Whitby.

One thought on “Them Bones

  1. Margaret Benner

    I visited Easton Church last month and on looking at a photo of the baptismal font realize it has been repurposed from something older, perhaps a Norman base. I have looked on your website for information but to no avail. Could you let me know it’s origins both historical and geographical?
    Thank you,


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