Bits of Paper

It’s been a while since we looked at Beamish’s ever-expanding ephemera collection, so here’s just one highlight from what has arrived at the museum this week.

GS 153-2015

GS 153-2015

‘Enjoy Potatoes in eighty-one ways’ was published in the 1950s by the Potato Marketing Board, presumably to take advantage of potatoes being a plentiful food source in the post-war austerity era. As the title suggests the booklet contains over 80 different food recipes involving potatoes ranging from the obvious (baked potato) to the slightly-less obvious (potato omelet), and the rather bizarre (potato gingerbread).


The beauty of working in an open-air museum is that hopefully we’ll be able to try many of these recipes out as the 1950s town develops. In the meantime if anyone can think of more than eighty-one things you can do with a potato, please let us know…


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