Grin and Bear It

That’s right, paws for a minute and prebear for an onslaught of bear puns. As usual we’ve had a large assortment of objects being donated this week – everything from a seal (not bear) press from Consett Building Society to a lovely set of 1950s kitchen units, but I don’t think anyone was expecting this chap to turn up!

GS 114-2015.1

GS 114-2015.1

This enormous 1980s Teddy Bear, seen here with Rachael and Lydia, two of our dedicated band of 20th Century Collectors, is rapidly becoming the team mascot – we can’t bear to put him in the stores so we might leave a shelf bear and keep him in the office so he can bear witness to all the curatorial goings on . Sorry, these bear puns are pretty grizzly…


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