‘Bits of Paper’

Julie, one of our far-from-ephemeral ephemera volunteers, has certainly come up with an intriguing post this week. This old, undated, paper appears to be a riddle! All we know about it is that it came in to the collection in 1972 as part of a collection of mid-late nineteenth century objects. Around the edges we can read as follows;
‘In the right sense it ought to be
Come try your skill and bet with me
I’ll hold a wager of a pot
In half an hour you read it not’



But the sense of the lines in the middle – though evidently about tobacco – remain a mystery! Can you read it? For clarity we’ve ‘translated’ the text as best we can;
‘Chear and Tobacco
Potent Man to shew’d Goodness its
Herb whose kindled leaves such Plant
And exhaling contain …oth virtues this
Sweet healthfull fumes the head in
Repast noxious of clear to Heaven
Friend humours and the Spirits task
To the Thought gratefull to thee’

Make of it what you will…

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