Ephemera Volunteers

Since the museum began collecting objects in the early 1960s we’ve amassed a vast collection of ephemera which includes everything from posters, handbills and trade catalouges to birthday cards and even bus tickets. It has been estimated that we hold over 40,000 pieces of ephemera and Bill and Julie, two of our hard-working volunteers ,are currently auditing our collection to ensure it is stored and catalogued correctly and available for museum staff and outside researchers to view. Here Bill and Julie present one of their favourite pieces from the First World War collection;

‘We really like this posters that we have just found which depicts in caricature the ladies who were working at Armstrong-Whitworth’s in the aviation department during the First World War. They all seem so individual with such amusing comments. We particularly enjoyed Miss I.F. Capfits, who evidently was too shy to appear’.



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